COVID-19 v. Boating Industry

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

The novel Coronavirus has caused many boat shows to be postponed, canceled, made virtual and marinas have been just shy of empty. Many boaters have wondered if this is the rapid decline of the boating industry. With millions of families around the world fearing the virus and struggling to keep their families entertained marine travel has become more popular than ever. What better way to social distance with your family than hitting the open water? Researchers on the topic have described this surge as way to cope with pandemic. The boating business has shown the strongest growth in the last 9 months than it has in the last decade. The virus has encouraged long time boat owners and new buyers to see the investment as something worth their while. With really no idea of how long we will be in the midst of the pandemic or whether or not we will be put into another lockdown, boating seems to be a safe escape from the indoors.


Tully, S., 2020. As Stir Crazy Americans Take Refuge On The Water, The Boat Industry Is Booming. [online] Fortune. Available at: <> [Accessed 24 November 2020].

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