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To NoBS Marine every customer matters

Selling your Boat?

Do you feel it's time to sell your boat? You came to the right place.


At NoBS Marine, we care about your money. We will make sure we find the best deal for you so you get as much return as you can.


Why Us?

As we said before at NoBS Marine every customer matters. Customer service is our core, that's why if you have a: tender, center console, sailing boat, motor yacht, super-luxury yacht, or any vessel you can think of... it will be our pleasure to provide the same quality service and make the best out of it.

Welcome to the family!

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How We Work



We do the research for you.

Our experienced brokers will perform a market analysis based on similar boats.

We check what's on the market and what was recently sold, based on the data gathered we can give you a better idea of your vessel's value.



Yachts can be hard to maintain, we know that.

That's why we can help you recondition your vessel.

Let us manage the project and bring the value up to get the best out of it.



We market for you.

Our team will list your boat optimizing the boat's presence on the market.

We will create a unique description plus a series of photos and videos to bring potential buyers.

If you want to add something let us know and our team will add it.



Once we bring the potential buyers we help you negotiate.

We will take care of the showings and the paperwork to make the sale.

We will always seek to get the best value from your vessel, leave it in our hands and you won't be disappointed.



Ready to close? We got you!

We will make sure everything is being handled to close the deal and make everything as smooth as possible.

Sail with Us!
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